Midnight Mania! Brock Lesnar is back on (actual) wrestling mats

Welcome to Midnight Mania! It’s been half a year since Brock Lesnar jumped into the cage and shoved newly crowned heavyweight kingpin Daniel Cormier, flashing decayed teeth as he cut a promo against the champion. The prospective bout with Cormier had a built-in roadblock, with Lesnar needing to finish out his USADA suspension for the anabolic steroids he was suspended for after UFC 200. (Mark Hunt is still angry about that, in case anyone was wondering). Six months on, its still unclear whether Lesnar will actually return to the cage. However, he did spend some time on the mats recently, which could be a good sign. The skillset that brought Lesnar his fame and glory was developed in his college wrestling days. Now, Brock is back on the mats, practicing with Gable Stevenson at the University of Minnesota.

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